The Natural Gait - Northeast Iowa Log Cabin Lodging

You will Love the Horse Trails at The Natural Gait
Located In NE Iowa.

We have a beautiful facility for trail rides, clinics, events, and horse clubs. We have access to trails with river crossings and grassy mown trails through forests and glades – it is very peaceful and scenic.

Day Riding at The Natural Gait

The Natural Gait offers groomed horse trails for you to enjoy on a daily basis.
•Day Riders are welcome 7 days a week from 8AM to Dusk unless a special event has been scheduled (Please check our events calendar before traveling )
•Parking for Day Riders is at the Upper Gait - Outdoor Arena Parking Lot
•$10 per day facility/trail charge per person for indivduals not camping or staying at TNG. All riders must register and sign your release form before hitting the trails.
Call Maddie at 563-419-0837
Out of state horses must have current negative coggins and health papers.
Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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New tie stalls at TNG Lower Campground on the Yellow River in NE Iowa. Camp with your horses & ride the beautiful trails.

Playing Equine Soccer
in the Outdoor Arena at TNG's Upper Gait.

Testimonial from Cowboy Bob

Testimonal from Matt at Doc Hammill Clinic

Trail Riding at TNG is relaxing and enjoyable. The ride will take you through lush wooded areas filled with wildlife, along the yellow river where your horse can stop for a cool drink, and down to acres of native wildflowers and prairie grass.

Our covered horse stalls are separated from each other by narrow rows so your horse will rest peacefully and safely.
Rainy days? Well, come in and play with your horse in the indoor riding arena.
Uncovered stalls are also available.

Horse back riding on the trails


Natural Gait Horse Trail Information

Iowa Law requires out-of-state guests to provide proof of coggins and health certificate for their horse. Dogs are not allowed on the trails.

Effigy Mounds, Yellow River, Mississippi River here we come!

Horse back riding on the trails

Trail Riding at
The Natural Gait

What are the Horse Trails Like?
Our part of N.E. Iowa is a beautiful section of country that I have always felt "fell on the wrong side of the creek!"

It should be part of northern Wisconsin with its hills, rivers, wildlife etc. Tastefully nestled on the end of a long curvy dead end road is “The Natural Gait” owned by Howard and Donna Bright. They also own “The Ion Exchange” a native grass and wildflower seed business. So just when you think that the trails couldn’t be any prettier, you take a bend in the trail and ride along hundreds of acres of native plants in all their glory.

I could go on and on here about the gorgeous fall colors, the wonderful people, etc. but I invite you to check out more of our website. Read the article written by Western Horseman Magazine and see what they have to say, then check out the testimonies of our guests and their impressions and give us a call.


Effigy Mounds, Yellow River, Mississippi River here we come!

Does my horse need shoes?

If your horse can comfortably walk down a gravel road, he/she will probably do fine here. If he is uncomfortable on a gravel road and you plan to ride multiple days on a row, you might find shoes beneficial. Some of our hills and river crossings are rocky so please give your horse plenty of rein and time to pick his way safely.


Warning - Wild Parsnip is a plant that can cause burns much like a severe sunburn with blisters. It can harm your horse as well. Check Hiking page for picture

Enjoy some of the best horse trails in Iowa! Located in the NE Iowa.