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The Natural Gait

Hiking - Backpacking

10 to 15 Miles of Hiking Trails

Our hiking trails are beautiful – through hardwood forest and near ancient limestone bluffs. Wildflowers and birdsong abound. They’re a nice blend of hills, forest, river views, and shaded glades. You can cool your feet in the river crossings and rest as long as you like. Bring a picnic lunch. It is possible to hike all the way to Effigy Mounds if you are up for it!

Lighten your spirit and your step. And the birds won’t mind if you sing along!

For insurance purposes, pets are not allowed on the trails

Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking and Backpacking

Bird Watching

You can watch the birds at The Natural Gait from where ever you might be setting or standing! The birds know they are welcome and safe at The Natural Gait. You can find Bald Eagles soaring above and Mourning Doves walking under the feeders! Many species of birds call The Natural Gait home.

More info on Bird Watching HERE

Ameircan Bald Eagle


Warning - When hiking or birding watch out for the Wild Parsnip plant.

Click HERE to go to video on Wild Parsnip.

This plant can be four or five feet tall. This plant can be four to five feet tall. The flowers are a pale yellow. They can cause severe burns much like a sunburn with blisters. Watch your dogs and horses as it will have the same effect on them.

Wild Parsnip
Educational Videos on Invasive Plants

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These are short videos that are very informative and easy to follow for both kids and adults. Some neat wildlife shots.

Miles of hiking and backpacking trails with just as many opportunities to bird watch at The Natural Gait.